About Learn Handball

Learn Handball and Bjarte Myrhol believe that the most important we can give our kids is good Coaches to secure they experience to master the game, joy and well-being at the Handball court.

"I have always had a desire to train and develop kids through Handball. I love to see the joy and excitement to learn that the kids posses. That is why I came up with the idea to develop Learn Handball – a perfect option for me to reach as many kids as possible with this goal:

Give all kids (6 - 16 år) equal opportunity to experience success and joy on the Handball court!

After playing many years at the highest level I have created a huge network within Handball. A network that I have used to collect exercises and advices on training from some of the best Coaches and players in the world. This has lead to training programs that are of high quality, exciting and innovative all spiced up with a dash of joy, fun and playing.

Please enjoy!

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Right to Play

Through our co-operation with Right to Play we will secure that all Right to Play coaches have the necessary tools needed to motivate and thrill kids around the world when playing Handball

On a weekly basis Right to Play train more than one million kids around the world. Handball has been chosen as one of their focus areas. When Right to Play use our training programs we strive to give kids in poor and less fortunate areas in the world a better place to be through playing and having fun with Handball. We praise the job Right to Play does to make the world a little better place to be for the kids of the world.