Quality and professional standing

Learn Handball has been developed by Bjarte Myrhol, in close co-operation with some of the best coaches and players in the world. The exercises and training sessions are based on the Norwegian and Danish development programme spiced up with input from other parts of the world.

All the training content has been thoroughly evaluated by coaches with a strong background in both Handball and socially. The Game and training metods will countinously change and Learn Handball will at any given time follow this development creating exercises that will excite, engage and be innovative.  

Learn Handball have set a goal of being the best Handball coaching tool at any time.

By using Learn Handball we want to give all kids in the world the same opportunity to experience success and joy on the Handball court. At Learn Handball we are humble toward this mission. However, we strongly believe that we will achieve the goals we have set.

Learn Handball – to success and joy on the Handball court!

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