Tailor-made training programs

The perfect tool for all handball coaches - whether you are a beginner or an experienced coach. Learn Handball helps you to conduct exciting training sessions and to support the children in their development throughout the whole season. Everything is tailored to the age and level of the players you are coaching.

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Large exercise library

Let yourself be inspired and get to know new exercises through short and simple videos. 500+ high-quality videos, sorted and tagged so they are easy to find.

Complete training programs

Training programs for the whole season with videos and explanations of all exercises. All age groups between 6 to 16 years are covered. Customize Learn Handball's recommended training plans by adding and/or editing the exercises.

Learn from the stars

Videos, created with some of the best handball players in the world sharing their tricks and secrets - something you as a coach can share with your players so they can practice at home. We at Learn Handball believe that the joy of handball can and should also be experienced outside of the normal training environment.
30 days free trial

Always full overview

Clear and concise. Manage your team by adding players and fellow coaches. Check out the focus areas and the common thread for the whole season.

World class coaches

Learn Handballs training programs and exercises have been developed by some of the best coaches and players in the world - in close collaboration with Bjarte Myrhol, team captain of the Norwegian National team.

Learn Handball - for everybody!

Learn Handball was developed for all handball players - regardless of their skills or ambitions. Learn Handball is used all over the world, from associations in less fortunate areas supported by Right To Play to small and large clubs all across Europe.

Everything tailor-made and based on the values ​​of well-being, learning and joy!

30 days free trial