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Good handball exercises for the whole season - tailored to the age and level you are coaching.

Learn Handball offers you ready-made trainings with entertaining and developing handball exercises. The large exercise library provides additional inspiration. All handball exercises are recorded with children. The app was developed in close cooperation with world-class handball coaches, Norway's national team captain Bjarte Myrhol and the five times MVP of the German Bundesliga Andy Schmid.

30 days free trial
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Complete training programmes

Training programmes including videos of all exercises for a full season.

Always full overview

See the common thread in all the kids learn through the whole season and keep easy track of all training sessions.

Large library of exercises

Be inspired and learn new exercises through short and easy to understand videos.

Learn from the stars

We have made videos with some of the top players who share their tricks and secrets. Something you as a coach can share with your players.

Worldclass coaches

Learn Handballs training programmes and exercises have been developed by some of the best coaches and players in the world.

By using Learn Handball, players and coaches get the opportunity to see the exercises and movement patterns on video. This makes it easier to learn AND to teach!
Stine Bredal Oftedal – Coach, Learn Handball
Playmaker for Györ Handball and the Norwegian national team. Has won several European Championships and World Cup gold medals. Stine was nominated for the All Star Team in the 2015 World Cup, and became the MVP of the 2017 World Cup.
I love working with young players because they show so much joy playing handball. I always wanted to use my experience and knowledge to teach children to learn and love handball even more. With Learn Handball I do exactly that.
Bjarte Myrhol – Coach and Founder of Learn Handball
Team captain of the Norwegian national handball team. 15 years of experience in top clubs in Germany, Hungary and Denmark.
Everybody understands that you have to practice a lot to become the best. But the most difficult is to practice the right way. With Learn Handball you will get an amazing tool that helps you as a coach to find that right way. Good luck!
Tobias Karlsson – Coach, Learn Handball
Tobias Karlsson, team captain of the Swedish national team until 2016. Team captain of SG Flensburg-Handewitt until 2019. Was voted best defender in the world and won Champions League and an Olympic silver medal, amongst others.
Learn Handball is a unique and fun way to learn from the stars. I will show my tips & tricks so you can enjoy our sport and develop as a handball player. Maybe also so you can fool your opponents ...
Andy Schmid – Coach, Learn Handball
Playmaker for the Rhein-Neckar Löwen, voted MVP (most valuable player) in the German Bundesliga 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
Our Coaches

Over 8,000 handball coaches have tested Learn Handball so far.

Henning Sverdrup, Chairman Nordby Håndball
... Learn Handball is a great tool for coaches in popular sport...
Lars Olsen, Sports Director Østsiden ILF, Sports Director Fredrikstad Cup, Coach Wang Toppidrett
... Well-prepared training plans with training contents and focal points make coaches feel safe and make it easier to conduct training sessions tailored to different levels and ages...
Tord Ellingsen, Halsen håndball
... Since we at Halsen Handball started using Learn Handball in autumn, the feedback from the trainers has been overwhelmingly positive...
Heidi Kalmo, Coach BSK Girls 07
... We use Learn Handball every week to achieve our goal that all players have fun and get the feeling of mastering handball...