About Learn Handball

Learn Handball and Bjarte Myrhol believe that the most important thing we can give our handball-loving children is good coaches to make sure that they experience mastery of the game, joy and the well-being on the handball court.

"I have always had a desire to train and develop children through handball. I love seeing the joy and excitement that the children have when learning new skills. That's why I came up with the idea to develop Learn Handball - a perfect option for me reach as many children as possible with the following goal:
Give all children (6 - 16 years) equal opportunities to experience success and joy with handball

After playing at the highest level for many years, I have built a huge network in handball. A network have made use of to gather exercises and advices on how to coach and train young handball players from some of the best coaches and players in the world. This has led to training programs that are of high quality, exciting and innovative and that are all spiced up with a dash of joy, fun and play.

Please enjoy! Bjarte

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Nur in den Titeln der Videos und der Trainingspläne wird sowohl die männliche und weibliche Schreibform verwendet. Im restlichen Text verwenden wir der Einfachheit und Verständlichkeit halber nur die männliche Form; die weibliche Form ist ausdrücklich eingeschlossen. Learn Handball steht für Miteinbeziehen aller und Gender-Neutralität.